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  • December 12, 2023

Top Lane Dominance

The Top or Baron lane in Wild Rift stands as the backbone of a team. It dictates early game momentum and, in late-game scenarios, is pivotal in initiating attacks and offering cover for the team.

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Here’s a glance at the current meta for Top lane champions:

Tier Champions
S-tier Garen, Camille, Camille, Fiora, Gragas, Irelia, Wukong, Gwen, Renekton
A-tier Jayce, Malphite, Shen, Darius, Jax, Riven, Sett, Sion, Graves, Jax
B-tier Olaf, Nasus, Zed, Dr. Mundo, Nasus, Lucian, Pantheon, Tryndamere, Kennen
C-tier Teemo, Yone, Kayle, Yasuo, Akshan, Vayne, Diana, Singed, Akshan

Mighty Mid-lane Action

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Mid-lane champions are crucial throughout a match. They hold stun abilities and high damage potentials, influencing pivotal 5v5 clashes.

Discover the current meta for Midlane champions:

Tier Champions
S-tier Ziggs, Zoe, Swain, Vladimir, Diana, Twisted Fate, Katarina, Ahri
A-tier Jayce, Lucian, Corki, Lux, Yone, Veigar, Orianna, Gragas, Karma
B-tier Vex, Annie, Brand, Morgana, Singed, Ekko, Nilah, Fizz, Galio
C-tier Akshan, Kayle, Sona, Nunu & Willump, Lulu, Seraphine, Tristana

Bot Lane Powerhouses

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ADCs reign as the primary damage dealers but require farming and itemization for increased damage potency. Here’s the tier list for December 2023:

Tier Champions
S-tier Corki, Varus, Jhin, Xayah, Lucian, Kai’Sa, Tristana, Caitlyn
A-tier Miss Fortune, Zeri, Ezreal, Samira, Draven, Jinx
B-tier Ziggs, Twitch, Nilah
C-tier Twisted Fate, Senna, Ashe, Akshan

Jungle Mastery

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Junglers slay monsters for team power-ups and support lanes, ensuring enemies don’t escape with low HP. The Jungle meta for December 2023 stands as follows:

Tier Champions
S-tier Diana, Yone, Kayn, Vi, Wukong, Evelynn, Kha’Zix, Aatrox, Lee Sin
A-tier Olaf, Rammus, Amumu, Gragas, Ekko, Jarvan IV, Gwen, Xin Zhao, Volibear
B-tier Warwick, Rengar, Nautilus, Fiora, Pantheon, Dr. Mundo
C-tier Jax, Irelia, Master Yi, Tryndamere, Morgana, Camille, Darius

Guardian Support

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Supports protect ADCs and Mid-laners from damage, playing a vital role in team fights. Here’s the support tier list:

Tier Champions
S-tier Nami, Nautilus, Yuumi, Rakan, Senna, Alistar, Karma, Alistar, Leona, Blitzcrank, Soraka, Pyke, Janna
A-tier Ornn, Sona, Lux, Swain, Galio
B-tier Braum, Gragas, Seraphine
C-tier Malphite, Sett, Vex, Morgana

These tier lists provide a snapshot of the current meta. For a more detailed analysis or specific insights, feel free to inquire!