Wild Rift
  • January 9, 2024

The mid lane in Wild Rift is a constant battleground, a duel of wits and spellfire where control and burst reign supreme. But amidst the diverse roster of champions, certain mages rise above the rest, boasting power and flexibility that can dominate the laning phase and carry your team to victory. So, ready to unleash some magical mayhem? Check out these 5 overpowered mages who’ll have your enemies begging for mercy:

1. Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork:

Lady of Clockwork

Orianna is a timeless classic, a control mage who manipulates the battlefield with precision and grace. Her Ball can poke enemies from afar, shield allies, and be unleashed in devastating Shockwave blasts that can turn teamfights on their head. Master her ball positioning and zoning, and you’ll be a constant threat, dictating the pace of the game with your potent mix of poke and burst.

2. Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox:

Wild Rift
Nine-Tailed Fox

Ahri is pure charm and lethality, a mage assassin who dances in and out of combat, weaving spells and charm to decimate squishy targets. Her Charm’s mobility and lockdown are key, while her Spirit Orb offers poke, healing, and ultimate global resets for endless ganking potential. Master her combos and orb manipulation, and you’ll be a slippery fox leaving a trail of charmed corpses in your wake.

3. Akali, the Fist of Shadow:

Wild Rift
Fist of Shadow

Akali is a master of mobility and burst in Wild Rift, a shadow assassin who blinks around the battlefield, leaving a trail of confusion and devastation. Her Mark of the Assassin lets her dash through enemies, while her Perfect Execution can delete squishy targets in an instant. Master her energy management and combo timings, and you’ll be a relentless nightmare, striking from unexpected angles and vanishing before your enemies can react.

4. Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil:

Wild Rift
Tiny Master of Evil

Veigar stands as a scaling powerhouse, a dark mage accumulating AP with every enemy stunned. He gradually evolves into an indomitable force. His Event Horizon offers oppressive cage control, while his Baleful Strike penalizes overconfidence. By mastering stun timing and farming diligently, you transform into a late-game monster. Effortlessly obliterating foes with your ultimate and reveling in maniacal laughter as they crumble under your might.

5.Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert:

Hexplosives Expert

Ziggs is a master of area denial and poke. A yordle bomber who lays down a minefield of explosives before obliterating enemies with his Mega Inferno Bomb. His satchel charges provide surprising mobility, while his Hextech Field of Minefield zones enemies and sets up devastating combos. Master your bomb placement and map awareness, and you’ll be a siege specialist. You’ll rain down fiery death from afar and controlling the battlefield with explosive dominance.


Champion Passive Q W E R
Orianna Clockwork Windup Command: Attack Command: Dissonance Command: Protect Command: Shockwave
Ahri Essence Theft Orb of Deception Fox-Fire Charm Spirit Rush
Akali Assassin Mark Five Point Strike Twilight Shroud Shuriken Flip Perfect Execution
Veigar Phenomenal Evil Power Baleful Strike Dark Matter Event Horizon Primordial Burst
Ziggs Short Fuse Bouncing Bomb Satchel Charge Hexplosive Minefield Mega Inferno Bomb

Mastering any of these Wild Rift champions requires practice and patience. But with dedication and the right build, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the mid lane, channeling your inner mage and ascending to the top of the Rift!

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