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  • December 12, 2023

What’s Changing?

First patch of December for Wild Rift is coming, packed with exciting updates – champion adjustments, item changes, and an anticipated new skin!

Introducing Zyra: Rise of the Thorns

Zyra, an enigmatic hybrid of plant and human born from ancient sorcery, will debut on December 22nd. Her arrival brings a new dynamic to the Rift, promising an intriguing addition to the champion roster.

Game Mode: All Random Ultra Rapid Fire Mode (ARURF) Returns

ARURF is making a thrilling comeback on December 8th, offering a fast-paced and random gaming experience with zero-cost abilities and plenty of Ability Haste.

Champion Changes Overview

Numerous champions are undergoing adjustments to refine their gameplay:

  • Ashe receives enhancements to her attack speed and flurry damage.
  • Fizz’s jungle prowess gets a slight reduction in damage to monsters.
  • Gwen’s damage output sees a boost to improve her performance in skirmishes.
  • Master Yi’s impact in team fights is increased with buffs to his true damage.
  • Nautilus receives strengthened defenses with lowered cooldown and a more robust shield.
  • Sivir’s AOE damage undergoes adjustments for a more balanced performance.
  • Sona undergoes a rework to enhance her abilities and empower her attacks with additional effects.
  • Varus sees improvements to his damage capabilities.
  • Xin Zhao’s scaling gets a boost to ensure he remains competitive late game.
  • Yone’s versatility in both lanes and the jungle gets a boost with various enhancements.


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Ranger’s Focus Old Stats New Stats
Speed 25/35/45/55% 30/40/50/60%
Damage 115/120/125/130% AD 120/125/130/135% AD

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Ability Old Stats New Stats
Health per level 105 96
Power Chord [Removed] After casting basic abilities for 3 times, Sona’s next attack will be empowered, dealing (20~160 + 15% AP) bonus magic damage, stunning the target for 0.5s. Casting basic abilities creates a non-stacking buff aura for 3s. CD of basic abilities reduced (level *2%).
Hymn of Valor Mana cost: 55/60/65/70 → 60/65/70/75 Damage: 40/75/110/145 + 20% AP → 50/90/130/170 + 40% AP. Bonus damage of aura effect: 10/15/20/25 + 20% AP → 8/13/18/23 + 20% AP
Aria of Perseverance Health regeneration: 30/45/60/75 + 25% AP. Bonus shield of aura effect: 25/55/85/115 + 30% AP Health regeneration: 20/35/50/65 + 20% AP
Bonus shield of aura effect: 20/50/80/110 + 20% AP
Crescendo [Removed] Passive: Reduce 10/20/30% basic CD of abilities. [Removed] Active: Strikes an irresistible chord, dealing (150/250/350+50% AP) magic damage to enemies hit and stunning them for 1s. Passive: Aura is reinforced for 20s after casting the ability, providing a higher buff effect than usual. Active: Plays a chord that emits a soundwave every 0.75s as it travels to the target location. The soundwave deals (40/80/120 + 15% AP) magic damage and stuns enemies hit for the first time for 1s. Enemies caught inside the chord are also slowed.


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Ability Old Stats New Stats


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Ability Old Stats New Stats
Snip damage 12/16/20/24 + 5% Ability Power 14/18/22/26 + 6% Ability Power
Damage of the last snip 60/80/100/120 + 25% Ability Power 70/90/110/130 + 30% Ability Power

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Master Yi

Ability Old Stats New Stats
Wuju Style True Damage: 30/40/50/60 + 25% bonus Attack Damage True Damage: 35/45/55/65 + 30% bonus Attack Damage

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Ability Old Stats New Stats
Titan’s Wrath Cooldown: Max level 12s Cooldown: Max level 11s
Shield: 55/65/75/85 + 10/11/12/13% maximum Health Shield: 55/65/75/85 + 11/12/13/14% maximum Health

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Ability Old Stats New Stats
Ricochet Bounce damage: 24/26/28/30% Bounce damage: 22/24/26/28%
On the Hunt Cooldown reduction for basic abilities: 30/35/40% Cooldown reduction for basic abilities: 20/25/30%
Movement speed Initial bonus movement speed: 20/20/20% Initial bonus movement speed: 15/15/15%
Bonus movement speed At 8 stacks of Unyielding Valor: 30/30/30% At 8 stacks of Unyielding Valor: 25/25/25%


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Ability Old Stats New Stats
Piercing Arrow 10/60/110/160 + 110% AD to 15/90/165/240 + 165% AD 20/70/120/170 + 115% AD to 30/105/180/255 + 172.5% AD
Blighted Quiver each stack (4/4.5/5/5.5 + 1% AP) max Health each stack (5/5.5/6/6.5 + 1% AP) max Health


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Xin Zhao

Abilities Before After
Attack Damage per level 3.6 4.5
Wind Becomes Lightning – Slash damage 50/60/70/80 + 40% Attack Damage 50/60/70/80 + 50% Attack Damage
Wind Becomes Lightning – Thrust damage 40/85/130/175 + 70% Attack Damage 40/85/130/175 + 80% Attack Damage
Audacious Charge – Attack speed increase 40/45/50/55% 40/47.5/55/62.5%

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Ability/Stat Before After
Base armor 35 40
MORTAL STEEL [New] Damage to monsters 80%
SPIRIT CLEAVE 10/20/30/40 + 12/13/14/15% max Health of target 25/35/45/55 + 12/13/14/15% max Health of target
Base shield 30 + 70% bonus AD 50 + 85% bonus AD

These changes aim to balance and fine-tune champion abilities and strengths, ensuring a more dynamic and competitive gameplay experience on the Rift.

Stay tuned for these exciting updates, and get ready to experience the enhanced gameplay and fresh dynamics coming your way with Patch 4.4C in Wild Rift!

This summary offers a general glimpse into the content shared. Should a more intricate breakdown of individual champion adjustments be required or further details desired, do not hesitate to reach out!


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