League of Legends
  • January 12, 2024

Assassins Unleashed: League of Legends Retools Lethality, Items, and More!

League of Legends assassins have always danced on a razor’s edge, the thrill of burst damage balanced by their squishy fragility. But recent seasons saw them blurring the lines, dipping into fighter builds and losing some of their signature identity. Fear not, shadow dancers, for Riot Games has just unleashed a major update that promises to reignite the assassin flame!

Goodbye Hybrid, Hello Hyper-Lethality:

Riot’s aim is clear: “Assassins are at their best when they’re highly lethal but highly fragile.” Gone are the days of tanky assassins wielding Duskblade or Eclipse. These items, along with Prowler’s Claw, are getting the boot, leaving the field open for pure lethality dominance.

Lethality Reforged:

To amplify this shift, Riot has revamped Lethality itself. Every point you invest now translates to a solid 1 Armor Penetration, replacing the previous scaling system. This means early aggression and smart itemization will be key to unlocking your maximum burst potential.

Black Cleaver and Last Whisper? Not So Fast:

League of Legends
Black Cleaver&Last Whisper

Remember those assassins effortlessly melting down bruisers and even challenging tanks? Say goodbye to that cheese. Stacking Black Cleaver and Last Whisper items is now a thing of the past, ensuring that armor remains a valid countermeasure against the assassin threat.

The Future of Shadows:

What does this mean for the future of assassins? Expect an explosion of hyper-lethal builds, focused on maximizing burst damage and snowballing early leads. Champions like Rengar, Kha’Zix, and Zed are poised to rise, while those who relied on hybrid builds might need some time to adjust.

Embrace the Shadows:

This update is a call to arms for all aspiring assassins. Sharpen your blades, study the new item paths, and prepare to unleash your true potential. Remember, you are the harbingers of fear, the masters of the burst, and now, with these changes, you’re free to reign supreme in the shadows once more!

League of Legends
All updated Assassin Items

All Changes to Assassin Items:

Item Name Total Cost Item Recipe AD Lethality AH/MS Other Other
Voltaic Cyclosword 2900 gold The Brutalizer + Kircheis Shard + 863 gold 55 18 15 AH Passive – Energized Passive – Firmament
Profane Hydra 3400 gold Tiamat + The Brutalizer + 813 gold 60 18 20 AH Active – Heretical Slash Passive – Cleave
Ego 3000 gold Serrated Dirk + Caulfield’s Warhammer + 900 gold 60 18 15 AH Passive – Ego Passive – Eminence
Opportunity 2700 gold Serrated Dirk + Rectrix + 800 gold 55 18 5% MS Passive – Preparation Passive – Extraction
Rectrix 900 gold Long Sword + 550 gold 20 4% MS
The Brutalizer 1337 gold Glowing Mote + Pickaxe + 212 gold 25 8 10 AH
Serylda’s Grudge 3200 gold Brutalizer + Last Whisper + 413 gold 45 15 Passive – Rancor Passive – Bitter Cold
Serrated Dirk 1000 gold Long Sword + Long Sword + 300g 25 10 Unique Passive – Gouge
Youmuu’s Ghostblade 2700 gold Serrated Dirk + Rectrix + 1100 gold 60 18 Active – Wraith Step Passive – Haunt
Axiom Arc 3000 gold The Brutalizer + Caulfield’s Warhammer + 563g 55 18 25 AH Passive – Flux
Umbral Glaive 2600 gold Serrated Dirk + Caulfield’s Warhammer + 500 gold 50 15 15 AH Passive – Blackout
Serpent’s Fang 2500 gold Serrated Dirk + Pickaxe + 525 gold 55 15 15 AH Unique Passive – Shield Reaver

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