• January 10, 2024

Void Grubs and Rift Heralds: A Deep Dive into League of Legends’ Latest Update

Greetings, Summoners! Brace yourselves, for the Rift is about to be consumed by the Void! Patch 14.1 brings a tidal wave of changes to League of Legends, with Void Grubs and a revamped Rift Herald taking center stage. Get ready to rewrite your strategies and adapt to a brand new meta – we’re about to take a deep dive into the juicy details!

Enter the Void Grubs

League of Legends
Screen shot from RiotGames

These wriggling beasties replace the first Rift Herald of each game, offering a different kind of objective pressure. Think of them as mobile towers: slaying them grants your team stacks of a buff that melts structures with bonus true damage. Each slain Void Grub also spawns Voidmites, little critters that chip away at towers like a swarm of angry termites. But it’s not all one-sided slaughter – these Voidlings pack a punch and respawn, so be cautious when engaging:

  • Three Voidgrubs emerge at 5 minutes into the game.
  • Each Voidgrub produces 4 Voidmites every 12 seconds during combat.
  • Voidgrubs respawn once per game on a 4-minute individual timer.
  • Upon death, Voidgrubs grant nearby ones a decaying shield of 25% Max Health + 25% Missing Health.
  • Killing a Voidgrub awards the Hunger of the Void Buff, enabling bonus true damage to structures for non-proc attacks. Damage scales per Voidgrub slain.
  • Accumulating 5 stacks spawns 1 Voidmite (15-second cooldown), reaching 6 stacks summons 2 Voidmites, aiding in tower attacks.
  • Voidgrubs vanish at 13:45 in-game time (or 13:55 if in combat) to make room for Rift Herald.
  • The first Voidgrub slain per spawn group counts as an epic takedown reward for participation.
Statistic Voidgrubs Voidmites (Summoned)
Health 250 (+250 per minute) 20 (+40 per minute)
Attack Damage 10 (+2.5 per minute) 6 (+0.5 per minute)
Attack Speed 0.5 2
Armor 0 0
Magic Resistance 0 0
Movement Speed 350 420
Attack Range 500 units 125 units
Experience 75 (+2% per level over 4*) 0
Gold Given on Takedown 20 gold to killer + 10 gold per player 1 gold to killer

Rift Herald, Remade

League of Legends
Screen shot from RiotGames

Our favorite rampaging League of Legends lizard got a serious upgrade! Hop onto its back and charge towards enemy defenses, steering it like a chaotic battering ram. New mechanics let you pick your charge direction, earn bonus charges from destroyed structures, and even summon Voidmites to aid your siege. Rift Herald also got a cool Baron-inspired gaze that reduces incoming damage, making it a true force to be reckoned with:

  • Rift Herald can be mounted by one player upon summoning, allowing them to steer her charge for up to 14 seconds.
  • Charging speed ramps from 150 to 600 movement speed, reaching 75% more speed towards enemy towers.
  • Herald receives a charge upon destruction of enemy towers or inhibitors, displayed on her health bar.
  • Collision with structures or terrain reduces Herald’s health by 66%, ejecting the rider.
  • Steering through enemies deals 250 true damage and knocks them airborne.
  • Hitting enemy structures deals bonus damage, spawns Voidmites, and grants a temporary shield.
  • New Baron’s Gaze reduces damage taken from the last enemy attacked by 50%.
  • Empowered Recall granted to all allies who assisted in killing Herald.
  • Rift Herald shares gold gained from turrets/plates with all assisting champions.
  • Auto-cast feature summons Herald upon Eye expiration, even if the champion is dead, spawning in the team’s fountain.
Statistic Rift Herald (Unchanged)
Health 7125-14250 (based on level)
Attack Damage 99.5-250 (based on level)
Attack Speed 0.4
Armor 60
Magic Resistance 50
Movement Speed 325
Attack Range 250
Experience 306-320 (based on level)
Gold Given on Takedown 100 gold to killer, 100 local

Voidborn Guardians and Draconic Surprises

Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback are getting Void-infused makeovers after 20 minutes. Slaying them grants their buffs to your entire team, no exceptions! But beware, these empowered guardians are tougher to crack. Draconic Sentinel and Brambleback join the party when the Elemental Rift locks in, offering temporary buffs and dropping duplicate versions for your jungler to claim.

Baron Nashor, Transformed

League of Legends
Screenshot from RiotGames

The Lord of the Rift himself gets a visual overhaul with three epic forms: Hunting, All-Seeing, and Territorial. Each form throws a unique wrench into the Baron fight, testing your adaptability and teamwork. Prepare for lightning strikes, teleporting rifts, and forceful pulls – Baron’s no longer just a tanky punching bag:

  • Hunting Baron: When activated, Baron summons pillars of lightning over nearby enemies. These lightning strikes commence after a 0.7-second delay, each successive strike delayed by 0.1 seconds. They inflict damage equal to 15% of the target’s current health.
  • All-Seeing Baron: Upon activation, Baron conjures rifts targeting the two farthest visible enemies within a range of 2200 units. These rifts linger for 3 seconds, dealing an initial burst of 150 magic damage on impact, followed by 50 damage for subsequent hits.
  • Territorial Baron: Triggering this ability, Baron extends his reach, pulling all enemies in a cone towards him after a 1.5-second delay. This maneuver drags foes 300 units closer to Baron while dealing 75 points of magic damage to each affected enemy.
Statistic Baron Nashor
Health 11400 (+180 per minute from game start)
Attack Damage 350 (+ 10 per minute from spawn) (Note: AD caps at 520)
Attack Speed 0.625
Armor 120
Magic Resistance 70
Movement Speed 300
Attack Range 955
Experience 600 to all contributors + 800 distributed among nearby allies
Gold Given on Takedown 25 gold to killer + 300 per allied player

Terrain Twists

To keep things fresh, the Baron pit will now change form from game to game. One game you might have clear sightlines, the next you’ll face treacherous flanking routes. Adapting to these variations will be key to mastering the new Baron dance.

Hunting Baron Pit, Territorial Baron Pit & All-Seeing Baron Pit – RiotGames

And that’s just the tip of the Void-infested iceberg! Patch 14.1 brings a multitude of other changes, from tweaked Scuttler to updated buff mechanics. Dive into the patch notes, summoners, and prepare to conquer the evolving Rift! Remember, knowledge is power, and in the ever-shifting landscape of League of Legends , the fastest learners will dominate. So, sharpen your blades, study the changes, and get ready to unleash your inner Voidmaster!