Wild Rift
  • January 5, 2024

Wild Rift Patch 5.0: Dive into a Feast of Fresh Features!

Greetings, Wild Rift Runners! Patch 5.0 is upon us, and it’s a doozy. Brace yourselves for a smorgasbord of gameplay tweaks, terrain transformations, ranked season kick-off, exciting events, and a Wild Pass that’s simply delectable. Let’s dig in!

Gameplay Gumbo

  • New Items, New Strategies: Spice up your builds with Heartsteel for monstrous health pools, Titanic Hydra for AoE domination, and Spear of Shojin for a dash of cooldown-slashing frenzy. Existing items get a rebalancing sprinkle, so keep your eyes peeled for the full details.
  • Minion Maneuvers: Roamers, rejoice! Siege minions are taking a chill pill, giving you time to strut your stuff without putting your towers in peril. And guess what? The Rift Herald ditches minion munching for turret targeting, making its claim even more impactful.
  • Baron Lane Surprise: A brand new alcove pops up in the Baron Lane, setting the stage for cunning ganks and slick skillshot dodges. Master this terrain twist and your opponents will be left weeping into their potions.
Wild Rift
Alcove added to Baron Lane

Pets Get Evolved

Remember those adorable Chonccs from last patch? They’re not done yet! Patch 5.0 lets you guide these furry friends along the path of evolution, unlocking new forms and even more rewards for your pet-collecting prowess. Prepare for cuteness overload!

Cuteness Overload

Modes Galore

  • Arena’s Dragon Dance: Celebrate the Lunar New Year with 20 fiery dragon-themed augments in Arena! And if you survive until round nine, get ready for an all-out rumble where everyone throws down without losing health. Winner takes all the glory (and XP)!
  • Double Cast Mayhem: Buckle up for Double Cast, a brand new hybrid mode where abilities and attacks can refresh or double up in specific timing windows. Master the rhythm and unleash pure chaos on the Rift!
Wild Rift
Lunar New Year Dragon Themed Arena

Ranked Rejuvenation

Season 12 kicks off, bringing with it the glorious Glorious Crown Xin Zhao skin as your Ranked Store reward. And brace yourselves, Legendary Queue fans, because some exciting new rewards are brewing to make your climb even more tempting.

Wild Pass Wonders

Feast your eyes on Food Spirits Veigar and Black Frost Renekton, the first two delectable skins gracing the Wild Pass tiers! Snag these culinary concoctions and spice up your champion roster.

Black Frost Renekton & Food Spirits Veigar

Event Extravaganza

  • Lunar New Year: The year of the dragon is upon us! Bask in the glow of in-game festivities and snag some stunning Dragon Lantern skins to commemorate the occasion.
  • Valentine’s Day & Ramadan: Later in the patch, get ready for love-themed goodies and a special Ramadan celebration.
Wild Rift
Lunar New Year

So there you have it, Rift Runners! Patch 5.0 is a veritable feast for all your Wild Rift senses. Dive in, explore the new features, and dominate the competition. Be mindful of your sugar intake though, all this excitement might leave you craving more!

See you on the Rift!