• December 24, 2023

Season 14: Gear Up for a League of Legends Inventory Revolution

Brace yourselves, Summoners, because League of Legends Season 14 is shaking things up in the item shop! From retirements and reworks to a whole batch of newcomers, be prepared to adapt your builds and discover hidden synergies in the upcoming League of Legends season.

Farewell, Old Friends

A bittersweet moment arrives as several cherished items hang up their boots (or gauntlets, in some cases). Some, like the niche-pick Guardian Angel, fell victim to low usage despite their potential. Others, like the controversial Athene’s Unholy Grail, faced balancing nightmares leading to their removal. But fear not, for new faces will fill the void!

League of Legends Season 14

Rebirth and Renewal

While some items fade into the annals of League history, others get a fresh coat of paint. Familiar faces like Sunfire Cape and Deathfire Grasp are due for reworks, promising exciting tweaks and reinvented strategies. Stay tuned for the official unveilings – you might discover your old favorites reborn as powerful tools for a new meta!

New Blood Arrives

Season 14 welcomes a vibrant lineup of newcomers to the shop. We’ve got tantalizing possibilities like a mythic item focused on gold generation, a support item with upgradable paths, and an assassin’s dream with bonus crit on first attack. This is just a taste of the feast – more unique and game-changing additions await to be discovered.

New Assassin Items in League of Legends Season 14

Item Description Good For
Hubris Stacking AD item Draven, Kha’Zix
Opportunity Provides additional movement speed Qiyana, Talon
Profane Hydra Increased damage vs lower health enemies Qiyana, Zed
Voltaic Cyclosword Empowers auto-attacks Akshan, Quinn
Zoomies Movement speed item Qiyana, Talon

New Mage Items

Item Description Good For
Caster’s Companion Deals extra damage when charged, ideal for extended rotations. Orianna, Syndra
Cryptbloom Heals after champion kills, for aggressive sustain. Brand, Zyra
Haunting Guise Punishes enemies in long trades with bonus damage. Anivia, Singed
Malignance Turns your ultimate into a burning inferno, amplifying its impact. Anivia, Rumble
Stormsurge Grants mobility after burst abilities, for combos or escapes. Orianna, Ryze

League of Legends Season 14

New Marksman Items

Item Description Good For
Experimental Hexplate Reduces Ultimate cooldown Ashe, Miss Fortune
Terminus Synergizes with on-hit builds Kog’Maw, Varus

New Fighter Items

Item Description Good For
Nitro Hexaegis Grants temporary stat boosts after Ultimate cast. Fiora, Jax, Camille
Sundered Sky Empowers basic attacks, dealing bonus damage based on target’s max health. Fiora, Jax, Gnar

New Tank Items

Item Description Stats/Effects Good Against Good For
Hollow Radiance Magic resist boost + X Magic Resist, Passive: Grants additional benefits against magic damage AP Teams Amumu, Zac
Kaenic Rookern Magic resist boost + Y Magic Resist, Active: Triggers an area effect based on magic damage dealt AP Teams Malphite, Sion
Trailblazer Movement speed boost + Z Movement Speed, Passive: Grants bonus movement speed after using certain abilities Engage-heavy comps Alistar, Nautilus
Unending Despair Health and sustain + W Health, Passive: Regenerates health based on recent damage taken Sustained fights Alistar, Dr. Mundo

League of Legends Season 14

New Utility Item in League of Legends Season 14

Item Description Benefits Good For
Dawncore Enhances sustain HP regen, shields, healing abilities Janna, Soraka, Karma

League of Legends Season 14

Adapting Champions, Mastering Builds

With the landscape shifted, the question on everyone’s mind is: “How will this affect my favorite champions?” The answer lies in exploration and experimentation. Try out the new toys, analyze synergies, and don’t be afraid to throw meta expectations out the window. You might just stumble upon a build that redefines your main’s potential.

The Thrill of Discovery Awaits

Season 14 promises a League of Legends reborn, where familiar tactics might not always reign supreme. Embrace the change, delve into the new item pool, and unleash your inner alchemist. Remember, the greatest discoveries often lie in uncharted territory. So, sharpen your minds, Summoners, and prepare to conquer the League of Legends Season 14 item revolution!