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  • December 25, 2023

In Wild Rift, the array of skins available is impressive, yet not every option justifies its cost. For players mindful of their budget, there’s good news! Several excellent skins are accessible without putting a strain on your wallet.

Corporate Mundo

  • Price: 590 Wild Cores
  • Why it’s great: This skin gives Mundo a hilarious corporate makeover. He’s dressed sharply in a suit with a tie, toting a briefcase, and even cruising in a small red car during his base trips. It’s an entertaining and distinctive skin guaranteed to capture attention.

Moo Cow Alistar

wild rift boost

  • Price: 290 Wild Cores
  • Why it’s great: This skin is just plain adorable. Alistar undergoes a charming shift, becoming an affectionate and huggable cow. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking something playful and utterly adorable.

Stargazer Camille

  • Price: FREE
  • Why it’s great: This skin is actually free for new players who complete the tutorial! It’s the cheapest skin for any champion you want, and Camille only has epic skins, so it’s a free epic! Stargazer Camille gives the champion a beautiful and ethereal look, with a flowing gown and glowing stars. It’s a great skin for players who want something elegant and stylish.

Bad Santa Veigar

wild rift boost

  • Price: 590 Wild Cores
  • Why it’s great: This skin is perfect for the holiday season. Veigar dons the guise of Santa Claus, albeit with a playful edge. His appearance features a candy cane beard, a deceptive sack filled not with gifts but with bombs, and a laughter reminiscent of sleigh bells. It’s a cheerful and lively skin bound to immerse you in the holiday ambiance.

Tango Evelynn

  • Price: 590 Wild Cores
  • Why it’s great: What makes this skin exceptional is its transformation of Evelynn into a glamorous figure. Clad in a striking red dress, high heels, and adorned with a feather boa, she exhibits tango-inspired movements in her attacks. Her ultimate ability metamorphoses her into a fiery rose. It’s an alluring and chic skin, catering to players seeking a femme fatale persona..

Infernal Nasus

wild rift boost

  • Price: 590 Wild Cores
  • Why it’s great: This skin transforms Nasus into a fearsome demon. He features horns, radiant eyes, and a blazing fire tail. His strikes carry the fiery essence, while his ultimate ability morphs him into a colossal fire creature. It’s an imposing and commanding skin ideal for players aiming for dominance on the Rift. 

These are merely a handful among the multitude of fantastic Wild Rift skins available at reasonable prices. With an abundance of choices, there’s undoubtedly a perfect skin to match both your budget and style.

Tips for Finding Cheap Wild Rift Skins

  • Be on the lookout for discounts: Wild Rift frequently presents sales on various skins, providing opportunities for good deals if you’re willing to wait.
  • Acquire Wild Cores without cost: By fulfilling quests and achievements, you can earn Wild Cores for free. This method allows you to accumulate currency for your desired skin without any monetary investment.
  • Test skins beforehand: Utilize Wild Rift’s feature that enables you to preview skins in the shop. This way, you can assess their appearance and audio effects before making a purchase commitment.

With so many amazing Wild Rift skins available, finding the perfect one for your budget can be tough. But fear not, budget-minded slayers! Numerous incredible choices are available without straining your budget. From the comical Corporate Mundo to the endearing Cow Alistar, there’s a skin tailored for every individuality and gaming approach. When enhancing your champion, keep in mind that a hefty expense isn’t necessary to achieve an appealing look. Embrace the diversity in Wild Rift’s wallet-friendly skin collection and showcase your distinct style on the Rift!


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