• January 1, 2024

All Tiers Explained

Are you tired of staring at the champion select screen, overwhelmed by 70 faces and unsure who to pick?

S-Tier: The Kings and Queens of the Realm

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These champions rise above the rest, boasting impressive win rates and the power to carry games single-handedly. They excel in their roles, offering unparalleled damage, tankiness, or utility. If victory is your sole quest, look no further than S-tier powerhouses like:

Champion Role
Ornn Top Lane
Sion Top Lane
Aatrox Top Lane
Fiora Top Lane
Camille Top Lane
Riven Top Lane
Kayle Top Lane
Volibear Jungle
Lilia Jungle
Kayn Jungle
Kha’Zix Jungle
Evelynn Jungle
Xin Zhao Jungle
Graves Jungle
Nunu & Willump Jungle
Zoe Mid Lane
Vex Mid Lane
Samira Bot Lane
Caitlyn Bot Lane
Varus Bot Lane
Xayah Bot Lane
Lucian Bot Lane
Karma Support
Yuumi Support
Senna Support
Leona Support
Lulu Support
Yone Top Lane
Gwen Top Lane
Sett Top Lane
Vladimir Renekton Top Lane
Garen Top Lane
Akali Top Lane
Darius Top Lane
Malphite Top Lane
Ekko Jungle
Hecarim Jungle
Lee Sin Jungle
Wukong Jungle
Kassadin Mid Lane
Ekko Mid Lane
Zed Mid Lane
Veigar Mid Lane
Katarina Mid Lane
Irelia Mid Lane
Diana Mid Lane
Ziggs Mid Lane
Akali Mid Lane
Orianna Mid Lane
Galio Mid Lane
Lucian Mid Lane
Brand Mid Lane
Nilah Bot Lane
Kai’Sa Bot Lane
Ezreal Bot Lane
Corki Bot Lane
Pyke Support
Nautilus Support
Janna Support
Braum Support
Nami Support
Rakan Support
Thresh Support
Brand Support
Morgana Support

A-Tier: Solid Choices for Steady Climbs


While not quite as dominant as their S-tier brethren, A-tier champions remain formidable choices. They boast consistent performance, strong skills, and the ability to adapt to various team compositions. Champions like:

Champion Role
Shen Top Lane
Jayce Top Lane
Wukong Top Lane
Irelia Top Lane
Dr. Mundo Top Lane
Pantheon Top Lane
Olaf Jungle
Shyvana Jungle
Vi Jungle
Twisted Fate Mid Lane
Ahri Mid Lane
Seraphine Mid Lane
Yasuo Mid Lane
Akshan Mid Lane
Morgana Mid Lane
Zeri Bot Lane
Vayne Bot Lane
Jinx Bot Lane
Rengar Top Lane
Jax Top Lane
Urgot Top Lane
Warwick Jungle
Rengar Jungle
Sona Support
Seraphine Support
Draven Bot Lane
Tristana Bot Lane
Alistar Support
Jarvan IV Jungle
Jayce Mid Lane
Corki Mid Lane
Lux Support

B-Tier: The Reliable Workhorses

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The backbone of any strong team, B-tier champions offer reliable performance and well-rounded kits. They’re not flashy, but they excel at their core roles and provide strong team synergy. Look to champions like:

Champion Role
Kennen Top Lane
Vayne Top Lane
Dr. Mundo Jungle
Pantheon Jungle
Swain Mid Lane
Pantheon Mid Lane
Nasus Top Lane
Rammus Jungle
Master Yi Jungle
Jhin Bot Lane
Malphite Support
Aurelion Sol Mid Lane
Twitch Bot Lane
Akshan Bot Lane
Senna Bot Lane
Soraka Support

C-Tier: The Underdogs Waiting for Their Day

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Every champion has potential, but C-tier characters face an uphill battle in the current meta. They might lack strong laning presence, clear win conditions, or struggle to adapt to team comps. Don’t write them off entirely, though! With skillful play and the right comp, even underdogs can shine.

Champion Role
Singed Top Lane
Tryndamere Top Lane
Amumu Jungle
Annie Mid Lane
Lux Mid Lane
Teemo Top Lane
Diana Jungle
Miss Fortune Bot Lane
Blitzcrank Support
Fizz Mid Lane
Ashe Bot Lane

Remember: Tier lists are a guide, not a gospel. Individual skill, team synergy, and understanding your playing style are equally important. So, experiment, find champions you click with, and master their strengths. Good luck conquering the Rift, summoners!

Bonus Tips:

  • Stay updated on the meta! Champions shift in power with each patch, so keep an eye on balance changes and community insights.
  • Consider team composition! Don’t just pick S-tier blindly; think about how your champion interacts with your teammates.
  • Master your chosen champions! Refine your abilities through consistent practice to fully unleash their potential.

Armed with this insight, you’re poised to ascend the ranks in Wild Rift and achieve mastery in League of Legends: Wild Rift!

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