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  • January 4, 2024

2024’s Wild Rift Wardrobe: A Year of Enchanting Skins and Blazing Glory

Hold onto your Stetsons, Summoners! 2024 promises to be a year where the Wild Rift sartorial splendor reaches high noon! With breathtaking new skins for every taste. From celestial enchantments to fiery transformations, get ready to draw your weapon (and your credit card) and dominate the battlefield in style.

Lunar Revelry

Embrace the ethereal glow of the Lunar New Year with these exquisite skins:

  • Experience the cosmic guardian Aurelion Sol in Lunar Guardian attire. Radiating celestial splendor with shimmering robes and a staff aglow with moonlight.
  • Lunar Empress Morgana commands the night, adorned in lunar robes and crowned with radiant moonlight, epitomizing dark beauty.
  • Kai’Sa transforms into Lunar Fairy, adorning delicate wings and floral accents, dancing through battles with agile grace.
  • Nasus embodies Lunar Guardian, emanating wisdom and power. Clad in ancient armor ablaze with lunar energy and wielding a staff of flowing light.
  • Pantheon descends as Lunar Guardian. Donning celestial armor and wielding a spear infused with celestial light, a divine figure from the moon’s heart.
Wild Rift
Lunar Skins

Draconic Delights

Unleash your inner dragon with these fiery skins:

  • Prestige Dragon Lantern Aatrox: Achieve the pinnacle of dragon might! Where golden fire illuminates his wings, and his sword channels unparalleled destruction.
  • Dragon Lantern Aatrox: Harness the dragon’s wrath embodied, adorned in obsidian armor radiating molten lava and whispers resonating with draconic might.
  • Dragon Lantern Graves: Light the battlefield ablaze with Dragon Lantern Graves, his cigar a fiery beacon and his shotgun spitting plumes of molten lead.
  • Dragon Lantern Thresh: Reap the souls of the fallen with Dragon Lantern Thresh, his lantern glowing with an ominous crimson light and his chains forged from the dragon’s burning breath.
  • Dragon Lantern Zeri: Spark a revolution with Dragon Lantern Zeri, her electric bolts infused with draconic fury and her laughter echoing with the roar of the inferno.
Wild Rift
Dragon Skins

High Noon Showdown

Dust off your spurs and sharpen your blades, because the Wild West rides again with these High Noon skins:

  • High Noon Samira: This charismatic gunslinger dances through bullets and outdraws fate itself. He leaves a trail of rose petals and smoldering corpses in her wake.
  • High Noon Talon: Silence the shadows with High Noon Talon, his blades glinting like polished silver in the sun as he delivers swift justice to outlaws and saloon brawlers.
  • High Noon Twitch: From gambler to gunslinger, High Noon Twitch stalks prey from the shadows, his crossbow whispers promising a leaden goodbye.
  • High Noon Katarina: A tempestuous force in a Stetson, High Noon Katarina unleashes whirlwinds of razor-sharp daggers, leaving only dust and despair in her wake.
  • High Noon Leona: Shield and blade meet in a glorious dance of steel with High Noon Leona, her unwavering resolve and righteous fury a beacon of hope in the lawless expanse.
High Noon Skins

And More to Come!

This is just a glimpse of the dazzling array of Wild Rift skins that await you in 2024. From the ethereal beauty of the Lunar Guardians to the fiery fury of the Dragon Lanterns. The dusty grit of the High Noon frontier, there’s a skin for every champion and every mood. So keep your eyes peeled, Summoners, because the Rift is about to get a whole lot more stylish!

Wild Rift 2024 Skin Roundup: Lunar, Dragon, and High Noon

Theme Champion Skin Name
Lunar Aurelion Sol Lunar Guardian Aurelion Sol
Lunar Morgana Lunar Empress Morgana
Lunar Kai’Sa Lunar Fairy Kai’Sa
Lunar Kai’Sa Lunar Fairy (Special Edition) Kai’Sa *
Lunar Nasus Lunar Guardian Nasus
Lunar Pantheon Lunar Guardian Pantheon
Dragon Aatrox Dragon Lantern Aatrox
Dragon Graves Dragon Lantern Graves
Dragon Thresh Dragon Lantern Thresh
Dragon Graves Dragon Lantern (Special Edition) Graves *
Dragon Zeri Dragon Lantern Zeri
Dragon Zyra Dragon Lantern Zyra
High Noon Katarina High Noon Katarina
High Noon Leona High Noon Leona
High Noon Lucian High Noon Lucian
High Noon Samira High Noon Samira
High Noon Talon High Noon Talon
High Noon Twitch High Noon Twitch

Beyond the Skins

Remember, skins are more than just visual enhancements. They can also reflect your personal connection to a champion. Showcasing your mastery or simply your love for their unique personality. So choose your skins wisely, let them tell your story, and embrace the full potential of the Wild Rift fashion scene!

Stay tuned for more skin reveals throughout the year, and get ready to dominate the Rift in style!

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