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  • December 14, 2023

The Evolving Landscape of Wild Rift Esports: A New Chapter Begins

A year ago, Riot Games embarked on an ambitious journey, launching the inaugural season of Wild Rift Esports. As the first mobile esports venture by Riot, it carried immense aspirations and potential. Throughout the past year, we witnessed the emergence of an exhilarating competitive sport across multiple regions. However, in a move geared towards focusing on thriving mobile esports markets, Riot Games has decided to recalibrate its competitive operations.

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Asian League

A Shift in Focus

In a strategic move, Riot Games is streamlining the operations of Wild Rift Esports towards the epicenter of mobile esports: Asia. Recognized as the largest and most vibrant mobile esports market globally, Asia will become the primary focal point for Wild Rift Esports. This decision heralds the inception of the groundbreaking Wild Rift league in Asia, marking Riot’s first cross-regional professional mobile esports league.

The New Wild Rift Asian League

Scheduled to replace the original Wild Rift Esports, the Asian league will twelve teams from China’s WRL. An additional eight teams from other formidable 2022 Asian regions. Structured around two splits annually, this league aims to showcase the pinnacle of talent from highly competitive regions.

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Introducing Interregional Play

The introduction of interregional level play within the Wild Rift Esports regular season signifies a monumental leap forward. This change promises to infuse heightened intensity and fervor, regularly bringing regional rivalries to the forefront for fans in Asia. More details about the league structure and plans for this invigorating setup are set to be unveiled in early 2023.

Embracing Growth and Evolution

Outside of Asia, Riot Games will transition away from directly operating Wild Rift esports leagues. This shift paves the way for third-party entities to organize and host events, fostering an environment conducive to the organic growth of the Wild Rift community worldwide. The primary focus will revolve around nurturing and fortifying the upcoming Wild Rift Asia League.

A Grateful Note

As Riot Games embarks on this transformative journey, the profound gratitude towards the community, players, and teams from across the globe remains unwavering. The unwavering support and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind the evolution of Wild Rift Esports. Riot extends heartfelt thanks and eagerly anticipates introducing the new Asian league in 2023.


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