wild rift patch notes
  • January 2, 2024

Wild Rift Patch Notes 4.4D Ring in the New Year with Explosions, Fluff, and Frenzy!

As the calendar year prepares to turn the page, Wild Rift Patch Notes 4.4D bursts onto the scene with a festive finale! This colossal update packs a punch, promising explosive surprises, adorable challenges, and chaotic fun to welcome the new year with a bang.

Time flies, and yet, the Wild Rift team ensures 2023 ends with a bang! The spotlight shines on Ziggs with a rework promising a fresh, exhilarating playstyle. Coupled with this, a trove of new skins sparkles in the horizon, adding flair and character to your favorite champions.


Ziggs Gets Zesty

Brace yourselves for a brand new Ziggs rework! The Master Gunner is about to unleash a fresh wave of mayhem, but details remain under wraps – expect your fingers to be tingling with electrifying excitement soon!

Fluffy Fun with the New Year Fluft Event

Prepare to be charmed by the cutest champions in Wild Rift: the Poros! Dive into the New Year Fluft event, complete festive missions, and snag some delightful rewards along the way. Team up with our adorable Poros, embark on missions, and reap fantastic rewards. Starting December 29 at 00:01 UTC, this event promises heaps of fun and excitement. Remember, cuteness overload is guaranteed!

New Events!

URF Returns: Mayhem Guaranteed

Dust off your favorite champions and unleash absolute pandemonium in Ultra Rapid Fire Mode! Blast away with zero-cost abilities, embrace the madness of insane Ability Haste, and prepare for non-stop laughter – because in URF, chaos reigns supreme! For those hungry for adrenaline-pumping gameplay, mark your calendars! Ultra Rapid Fire Mode (URF) makes its triumphant return on December 29 at 00:01 UTC.

Ultimate Spell Book Makes a Triumphant Comeback

Craving a twist of fate? Ultimate Spell Book is back by popular demand! Mix and match ultimates for some truly wild gameplay and witness champions unleashing unconventional, side-splitting combinations. The beloved Ultimate Spell Book (USB) returns by popular demand on January 5 at 00:01 UTC, catering to those seeking diverse and unpredictable gameplay.

But That’s Not All! This patch comes loaded with surprises. Keep an eye out for additional champion updates dropping throughout the patch, and who knows, you might even encounter some unexpected goodies from the Wild Rift team.

Mark Your Calendars:

  • Patch Release: December 29, 00:01 UTC
  • New Year Fluft Event: December 29, 00:01 UTC
  • Ultra Rapid Fire Mode: December 29, 00:01 UTC
  • Ultimate Spell Book: January 5, 00:01 UTC

The fun unfolds gradually throughout the patch, so stay tuned for a flurry of content. With this colossal Wild Rift Patch Notes 4.4D , we bid adieu to the year in style, ensuring players end 2023 on a high note!

Get ready, summoners! This Patch 4.4d promises to be the ultimate celebration of fun, fluff, and fury as we ring in the new year. So grab your phones, summon your fiercest spirit, and let the festive mayhem begin!