• October 1, 2023

The success of duo boosting heavily relies on communication. In this blog, we will explore the importance of communication in Wild Rift duo boosting and provide tips on how to excel in this cooperative endeavor.

The Power of Coordination

Wild Rift is a game that demands synergy and coordination between teammates. Duo boosting involves two players teaming up to rank up together, but this isn’t just about having a friend to play with—it’s about establishing effective communication to coordinate your actions. Here are a few key aspects where communication comes into play:

Champion Selection: Discussing your champion choices before the match is crucial. It allows you to build a balanced team composition and avoid redundant roles or champions. By communicating your preferences and intentions, you can optimize your chances of winning from the outset.

Ensuring Lane Clarity: It’s imperative to ensure that both players are clear about their designated lanes during champion selection. This prevents the undesirable scenario of two players selecting champions for the same lane, which can result in a less favorable early game and a potential setback.

Strategy and Objectives: During the game, it’s important to communicate your strategy and objectives. Are you planning to focus on objectives like Dragon and Baron? Are you prioritizing tower pushes? By keeping your partner informed and discussing your game plan, you can make informed decisions together.

Pings and Map Awareness: In Wild Rift, you can ping the map to signal your intentions or alert your teammate to potential dangers. Effective use of pings can prevent ganks, secure kills, and steer the game in your favor. Being responsive to your partner’s pings is equally important.

Cooldowns and Ultimate Abilities: Keep each other informed about your champion’s cooldowns, especially ultimate abilities. Knowing when your partner’s ult is ready can help you plan coordinated attacks or initiate team fights.

Itemization and Builds: Discuss your item builds and adapt to the evolving game. If your partner is building armor penetration, consider complementing it with ability power or other utility items. This can make your duo more versatile and adaptable in different situations.

Adaptation: Sometimes, the game doesn’t unfold as anticipated. The ability to communicate and adjust to evolving situations is paramount. Conversations revolving around tactics for recovery in case of a setback or strategies to capitalize on an advantage are essential.


Wild Rift Boost: The Role of Communication in Duo Boosting
Wild Rift Boost: The Role of Communication in Duo Boosting

Effective Communication Tools

During a Wild Rift Boost, you have several communication tools at your disposal:

Chat: Use the in-game chat to type messages to your partner. Keep your messages concise and relevant to avoid distractions during gameplay.

Voice Chat: Many players prefer voice chat apps like Discord or in-game voice chat to communicate in real-time. Voice communication can be faster and more precise than typing.

Pings: The ping system in Wild Rift allows you to quickly convey information without typing or speaking. You can ping to signal danger, request assistance, or mark objectives.

Emotes: While emotes may seem trivial, they can serve as quick communication tools for expressing emotions or reactions during a match.

The Dynamics of Duo Boosting in a Wild Rift Boost

Engaging in duo boosting within the Wild Rift ranks can prove to be an effective method for advancement and skill enhancement. However, it hinges on seamless communication between partners. By discussing champion preferences, game plans, and objectives while making adept use of in-game communication tools like chat, voice chat, pings, and emotes, you can elevate your teamwork and coordination, thereby increasing your prospects of achieving success in the game. It’s essential to remember that success in Wild Rift isn’t solely determined by individual prowess but also by the synergy you share with your duo partner.