• October 4, 2023

Engaging in Wild Rift offers excitement, yet challenges abound. In this blog, we’ll explore factors that might tempt you to quit the game and strategies to conquer them with Wildrift Boost.

Toxicity and Trolls

Dealing with toxic players or trolls in your games can be disheartening. However, muting and reporting toxic individuals can help maintain a positive gaming environment.


Wildrift Boost: Reasons That Make You Want to Quit Playing
Wildrift Boost: Reasons That Make You Want to Quit Playing


Losing Streaks

Enduring a series of losses can be frustrating. Take breaks between games, review your gameplay, and focus on improvement rather than just winning.

Skill Gap

Facing opponents with higher skill levels can be discouraging. Embrace these matches as opportunities to learn and grow as a player.

Time Management

Balancing gaming with other responsibilities can be challenging. Set clear gaming schedules and prioritize real-life commitments.

Connection Issues

Poor internet connectivity can lead to disconnections and losses. Ensure a stable internet connection before queuing for ranked matches.

Champion Ban Frustration

When your main champion gets banned in ranked games, it can be disheartening. Diversify your champion pool to mitigate this issue.


Excessive gaming can lead to burnout. Take regular breaks and enjoy other hobbies to refresh your mind.

Ranked Anxiety

Ranked game anxiety can be crippling. Begin with a constructive outlook, emphasize personal growth, and keep in mind that your value as a player extends beyond your rank.

Lack of Enjoyment

If the game no longer brings joy, consider exploring other titles or taking a hiatus. Gaming should be a source of entertainment.


Though quitting Wildrift Boost may cross your mind due to challenges, keep in mind that hurdles are inherent in competitive gaming. Patience, determination, and a positive attitude can help you triumph over these difficulties and maintain your enjoyment of the game