• September 30, 2023

There are many people who play Wild Rift. Some players do it for enjoyment, some for competitiveness, so they can climb the ranks. Among all of these players, there are some that are so good that they charge a service for helping others climb higher ranks. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of Wild Rift boosting and uncover the secrets that make these players dominate the game.

The Art of Boosting

Before delving into the tactics employed by boosters, let’s understand what Wild Rift boosting is all about. Boosting involves hiring a skilled player, often referred to as a “booster,” to play on your behalf and raise your rank. These boosters are typically top-tier players who excel in the game, and they use their expertise to secure victories and elevate your rank.

Wild Rift Boosting: Learning from the Pros
Wild Rift Boosting: Learning from the Pros

What We Can Learn from Boosters

Mastery of Champions: Boosters have a deep understanding of various champions in Wild Rift. They possess a deep understanding of the strengths and vulnerabilities of every champion, enabling them to make informed selections based on the specific circumstances. This awareness empowers them to adjust and shine in diverse gaming scenarios.

Effective Communication: Boosters often play with a team of random players, so effective communication is crucial. They excel in pinging the map, making shot calls, and coordinating with their team members, even in solo queue matches.

Map Awareness: Boosters have exceptional map awareness. They keep an eye on the mini-map, track enemy movements, and respond quickly to opportunities or threats across the map. This skill helps them secure objectives and assists their team.

Optimal Itemization: Knowing which items to buy for your champion is vital in Wild Rift. Boosters have a keen sense of itemization, selecting items that complement their champion’s abilities and the needs of their team.

Mechanical Skills: Boosters possess excellent mechanical skills, which include precise last-hitting, skill-shot accuracy, and quick reflexes. These skills are essential for outplaying opponents and securing kills.

Adaptation: Flexibility is a notable trait among boosters. They showcase the ability to modify their gameplay style and tactics in response to the game’s dynamics, their team’s composition, and the adversaries they encounter. This adaptability ensures their effectiveness across various gaming scenarios.

Mindset: Boosters maintain a positive and focused mindset. They don’t get discouraged by losses and remain determined to win, keeping their emotions in check even during challenging matches.


Learning from the pros, like boosters in Wild Rift, can provide valuable insights into improving your gameplay. Nevertheless, it’s important to bear in mind that the genuine essence of gaming is rooted in individual development, equitable competition, and principled gameplay. While aiming to achieve top-tier status is commendable, it should consistently be pursued with adherence to regulations and the enhancement of enjoyment for all participants.