league of legends
  • December 22, 2023

‘Tis the End of the Season, But the Gifts Keep Flowing in Patch 13.24B for League Of Legends!

Hey summoners, gather ’round the pixelated fire, because ’tis the season for… patch notes! That’s right, 13.24 is here, marking the end of a year filled with epic clashes, heart-pounding moments, and maybe a few accidental Baron steals (we’ve all been there). But before we hibernate for the holidays, we’ve got one last stocking stuffer for you: a patch brimming with festive cheer and exciting changes in League Of Legends.

Changes to Hwei

Hwei’s initial debut ignited minds, but the thrill of adaptive abilities soon yielded frustration. Masterful plays turned into messy fumbles, leaving even the most strategic summoners scratching their heads. Riot, ever the responsive oracle, listened to the murmurs and swiftly adjusted Hwei’s compass. Expect smoother transitions, clearer choices, and less mind-melting complexity. Now, the true test begins: will Hwei’s refined vision paint the Rift with stunning outplays, or will he remain an enigma wrapped in a riddle? Time to get back in the lab, folks, and unlock Hwei’s full potential!

Stat Before After Change
Base Health 550 580 +30
Base Movement Speed 325 330 +5
Base Mana 445 480 +35
W – Serenity
• Shield Timing Cast finish Instant Faster activation
• Shield Values 90/110/130/150/170 100/125/150/175/200 Increased, especially later
E – Torment
• Setup Delay 0.7 seconds 0.65 seconds Faster preparation
• Fire Delay 0.35 seconds 0.3 seconds Quicker launch
• Chase Range 500 600 Longer leash for chasing enemies
• Linger Duration 1.35-3 seconds 3 seconds Consistent duration, easier to control

The Arena Has Re-Risen!

Riot heard you, gladiators! The beloved Arena is back and fiercer than ever. They poured over 180 balance adjustments, making this iteration the most thrilling yet. Queue up solo, grab 4 buddies, or assemble an 8-player squad to prove your dominance in the ultimate test of skill and adaptation. New mechanics, electrifying Augments, and even some familiar faces await in the revamped Arena. Time to polish your combat boots and sharpen your tactics!

Beyond the Headlines

But that’s not all! The Clash ARAM finale is here, ready to crown the ultimate chaotic champions. We’ve also got a fresh batch of Winterblessed skins to keep you stylish on the Rift. And don’t forget, the Mythic Shop’s been stocked with new goodies ready to be unwrapped.