• October 4, 2023

League of Legends: Wild Rift’s competitive ladder is an exciting challenge, and many players aspire to climb it as quickly as possible. One strategy that has gained attention is  boosting. In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of Wildrift boosting and break it down into five essential steps.

Understanding Wildrift Boosting

Also known as rank boosting or elo boosting, involves hiring a highly skilled player to play on your account and increase your rank. The booster plays matches on your behalf, achieving wins and improving your rank in the process.

Selecting a Reputable Booster

Choosing a trustworthy booster is crucial. Look for experienced and professional boosters who prioritize account security and confidentiality. Reputable boosting services also offer guarantees and customer support.


Wildrift Boosting: 5 Essential Steps
Wildrift Boosting: 5 Essential Steps

Providing Access to Your Account

To begin the boosting process, you’ll need to share your account information with the booster. This typically includes your login credentials. Ensure that you’re comfortable with the booster accessing your account and follow recommended security measures.

Setting Goals and Preferences

Discuss your rank goals and preferences with the booster. Whether you want to reach a specific tier or division, focus on a particular champion, or have specific playstyle preferences, clear communication is essential to achieve the desired outcome.

Monitoring Progress and Completion

Throughout the boosting process, you can monitor the progress made on your account. Reputable boosters provide updates on the status of your order. Once the boosting service has achieved the agreed-upon goals, you can regain control of your account.

In conclusion, Wildrift boosting is a strategy that can help you reach your desired rank quickly, but it comes with risks and ethical considerations. Before deciding to boost, assess your priorities, goals, and the potential consequences. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but make it wisely, keeping in mind your long-term goals and values as a Wild Rift player.