• October 4, 2023

Wild Rift thrives on teamwork, and duoing with a partner can be a game-changing strategy. When champions synergize well, they can dominate lanes and secure victories. In this blog, we’ll unveil the top 5 champion duos that can elevate your Wildrift boost experience.

Alistar and Kai’Sa

Alistar’s crowd control and tankiness complement Kai’Sa’s burst damage and mobility perfectly. A well-timed Alistar engage sets up Kai’Sa for devastating plays, making this duo a force to be reckoned with in the bot lane.


Wildrift Boost: Best Champions to Duo
Wildrift Boost: Best Champions to Duo

Yasuo and Malphite

The Yasuo-Malphite combo is a legendary synergy. Yasuo’s ultimate, “Last Breath,” can be triggered by Malphite’s unstoppable engage, resulting in a devastating team fight combo. This pairing excels in the mid and top lanes.

Seraphine and Amumu

Seraphine’s utility and Amumu’s crowd control form a deadly combo. Seraphine can enhance Amumu’s engages with her ultimate, while her shield and healing abilities keep the team sustained. This duo thrives in the bot and mid lanes.

Zed and Lulu

Zed’s burst damage and assassination potential are magnified when paired with Lulu’s protection and utility. Lulu can shield, speed up, and polymorph enemies, allowing Zed to safely eliminate high-priority targets. This duo shines in the mid and top lanes.

Draven and Leona

Draven’s strong early game complements Leona’s aggressive approach. Leona’s crowd control can immobilize opponents, enabling Draven to accumulate his passive and evolve into a formidable late-game threat. Together, they make an imposing presence in the bot lane.

These champion duos offer potent synergies that can lead to victory on the Rift. However, remember that effective communication and coordination with your partner are crucial to maximize their potential. Whether you prefer the Alistar-Kai’Sa combo for bot lane dominance or the Yasuo-Malphite synergy for explosive team fights, choosing the right duo can lead to exhilarating gameplay experiences and countless wins in Wildrift boost.