• October 2, 2023

Taking over boosted accounts after a Wild Rift Boost and adapting to higher ranks in competitive online games can be a challenging experience for players. This process comes with several difficulties, both from a gameplay and psychological perspective. Below is an overview of the challenges boosted players may encounter and how they cope with expectations and pressure.

Taking over boosted accounts

  1. Skill Gap:
    • Boosted accounts often have a significant skill gap between the account’s actual level and the rank it has been boosted to. Players who take over these accounts may struggle to perform at the boosted rank, leading to frustration and disappointment.
  2. Learning Curve:
    • Adapting to higher ranks requires a faster learning curve. Players must quickly adapt to the more competitive environment, which can be overwhelming.
  3. Mismatched Expectations:
    • Players who take over boosted accounts may face unrealistic expectations from their teammates and themselves. They might be expected to carry games or make crucial plays that are beyond their current skill level.
  4. Pressure to Maintain:
    • Maintaining a boosted account’s rank can be stressful. Players may feel constant pressure to perform at a higher level than they are used to, leading to anxiety and fear of losing their rank.
  5. Negative Team Interactions:
    • Teammates may be critical or even toxic if they perceive a player as underperforming in a higher-ranked game. This can lead to a hostile gaming environment and negatively affect a player’s morale.
  6. Loss of Enjoyment:
    • The stress and pressure of adapting to a higher rank can lead to a loss of enjoyment in the game. Players may no longer find it fun if they are constantly struggling to meet expectations.
  7. Risk of Account Suspension:
    • Taking over boosted accounts may violate the terms of service of the game, potentially leading to account suspension or bans if discovered. The fear of losing the account can add to the stress.
Wild Rift Boost: The Challenges Of Taking Over A Boosted Account
Wild Rift Boost: The Challenges Of Taking Over A Boosted Account

Coping Strategies for Boosted Players – Wild Rift Boost

  1. Practice and Improvement:
    • Boosted players must invest time in practice and skill improvement to catch up to their new rank’s requirements. This includes learning new strategies and mastering higher-level gameplay mechanics.
  2. Muting Toxic Players:
    • To avoid the negativity from toxic teammates, players can mute or disable in-game chat. Focusing on their own gameplay and minimizing distractions can help reduce stress.
  3. Manage Expectations:
    • It’s important for boosted players to set realistic expectations for themselves and communicate them to their teammates. They should acknowledge that they may not perform at the level expected initially.
  4. Seek Guidance:
    • Seeking advice and guidance from experienced players or coaches can help boosted players adapt more quickly. Learning from others who have been through the process can be informative.
  5. Focus on the Process:
    • Rather than obsessing over the rank itself, boosted players should focus on the process of improvement. Celebrate small victories and milestones on the journey to mastering the higher rank.
  6. Play for Enjoyment:
    • Remembering why they started playing the game in the first place and finding enjoyment in the learning process can help players cope with the stress and pressure of a boosted account.

In conclusion, taking over boosted accounts and adapting to higher ranks in online games can be psychologically challenging due to the skill gap, mismatched expectations, and pressure. However, with dedication, realistic expectations, and the right coping strategies, players can overcome these difficulties and enjoy the competitive gaming experience at their new rank.